Hi. My name is Eric Burton. I'm not a big company. I'm just a regular English teacher (who used to be a programmer).

I wanted something like Classwork Zoom because I felt that being better informed would help me make better decisions for my students.

I searched and waited a long time for a tool like this to show up, but it never did, so finally I found a team of developers who could turn my vision into reality in the form of Classwork Zoom.

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I’m a teacher at an international high school, and I’m also a former mainframe programmer / data analyst. The revision history available in Google Apps for Education has always looked like a treasure trove of information to me, but I found looking at it document-by-document to be tedious and time-consuming.

I wanted to quickly know things like… Are my students working right now? With longer-term assignments, do they do all of their work at the last minute? If I add checkpoints here and there, do they spread the work out more? In group work, is anyone shouldering too much of the load?

I looked for a long time, but there was no way to get these answers for a whole class at once. So eventually I found some developers who could turn my vision into reality in the form of Classwork Zoom.

My initial plan was quite modest -- I believe it was supposed to be done in a matter of weeks. But as I used early versions of the extension, I kept having more ideas and suggestions, and over a year later, Classwork Zoom was the result.

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Available for the Google Chrome browser on laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks.

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